BEANet: An Energy-efficient BLE Solution for High-capacity Equipment Area Network


The digital transformation of factories has greatly increased the number of peripherals that need to connect to a network for sensing or control, resulting in a growing demand for a new network category known as the Equipment Area Network (EAN). The EAN is characterized by its cable-free, high-capacity, low-latency, and low-power features. To meet these expectations, we present BEANet, a novel solution designed specifically for EAN that combines a two-stage synchronization mechanism with a time division protocol. We implemented the system using commercially available Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules and evaluated its performance. Our results show that the network can support up to 150 peripherals with a packet reception rate of 95.4%, which is only 0.9% lower than collision-free BLE transmission. When the cycle time is set to 2 s, the average transmission latency for all peripherals is 0.1 s, while the power consumption is 18.9 μW, which is only half that of systems using LLDN or TSCH. Simulation results also demonstrate that BEANet has the potential to accommodate over 30,000 peripherals under certain configurations.

In ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks