A Framework for Industrial Identifier Addressing Considering Compatibility and Efficiency


Industrial Identifiers (IID), such as GS1, Handle, and OID are fundamental to device identification in growing industrial networks. Appropriate resolution and addressing methods for those identifiers are designed for wide area networks (WAN). However, due to compatibility, efficiency, and security considerations, they are not suitable for local area networks (LANs) environments. Therefore, we propose a new industrial identification framework to handle LAN scenarios by industrial address. It mainly includes the Industrial Identifier Resolution Protocol (IIRP), which combines the IIRP table lookup, the IIRP request, and the response based on the data link layer frame transmission. It is implemented as a software plug-in on LAN devices without changing any network protocol or hardware, ensuring compatibility with existing network infrastructure. Our experiments also test the efficiency of the IIRP protocol.

In Proceedings of the 29th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems
Research Assistant Professor

My research interests include industrial intelligence and edge computing.