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Debug MIPI DSI of RK3399

RK3399 is the most recent hign-end SoC of Rockchip. Its previous generation RK3288 is widely used in various places. For example, ASUS C100PA Chromebook Flip uses the RK3288. As an upgraded model, RK3399 has a six-core CPU consisting of two A72 cores and four A53 cores, and the GPU has been upgraded to the Mali-T860.

Recommend Two Services

FastMail & LastPass

Some time ago, I migrated all my email services to FastMail. At the same time, the password management is also switched to LastPass. This article will introduce the motivation.

Compile UHD and GNU Radio

It took me almost two days to compile GNU Radio. Here are the problems I met.



Ubuntu 11.10中共享WiFi

如果用過Ubuntu 11.10,大家都會注意到在網絡設置中的「無線」裏有一項叫做「Use as hotspot」,看起來這是共享WiFi的地方。然而,包括我在內的很多人都沒能成功的使用這一功能。經過Google,今天終於成功了,方法如下……