About Me

DANG Fan (党凡)

  • Born in January, 1991
  • Aquarius
  • From Shaanxi Province


  • Tsinghua University (2013 - 2018)
    • Ph.D.
    • Supervisor: Zhenhua Li
    • Institue of Trustworthy Network and Systems, School of Software
  • Tsinghua University (2009 - 2013)
    • B.Eng.
    • School of Software
  • Lanzhou No. 1 Middle School (2006 - 2009)


  • Position
    • Postdoctoral Researcher, Tsinghua University (2018 -)
    • CTO, FFS Tech (2015 - 2018)
    • Software Engineer, Wandou Labs (2014 - 2015)
    • Teaching Assistant of Computer Networks, Tsinghua University, Fall 2013
    • Teaching Assistant of Introduction of Professional Diathesis, Tsinghua University, Fall 2012
  • Patent
    • A smart card's relay attack detection method, terminal and system (201710779601.0)
    • Method and device for protocol automatic reverse analysis of embedded equipment(2013103303251.1)
  • Publication
    • Pricing Data Tampering in Automated Fare Collection with NFC-equipped Smartphones (IEEE TMC)
      • Fan Dang, Ennan Zhai, Zhenhua Li, Pengfei Zhou, Aziz Mohaisen, Kaigui Bian, Qingfu Wen, Mo Li
    • Large-scale invisible attack on AFC systems with NFC-equipped smartphones (INFOCOM 2017)
      • Fan Dang, Pengfei Zhou, Zhenhua Li, Ennan Zhai, Aziz Mohaisen, Qingfu Wen, Mo Li
    • NFC-enabled attack on cyber physical systems: A practical case study (INFOCOM Workshop 2017)
      • Fan Dang, Pengfei Zhou, Zhenhua Li, Yunhao Liu
    • An IoT Honeypot Device for Malware Forensics (AVAR 2017)
      • Jingyu Yang, Jie Li, Chen Geng, Zhao Liu, Guize Liu, Jinsong Ma, Fan Dang, Yongfeng Zhang, Zhenhua Li
    • A Real Independent Centimeter-Grade 3D Indoor Localization System on Smartphone (IEEE IWCMC 2016)
      • Fan Dang, Xuan Ding, Pengfei Zhou
    • Anti-counterfeiting via Federated RFID Tags' Fingerprints and Geometric Relationships(INFOCOM 2015)
      • Lei Yang, Pai Peng, Fan Dang, Cheng Wang, Xiang-Yang Li, Yunhao Liu
  • Extracurricular Activity
    • Vice President, Student Association of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, 2013-2014
    • President, Student Association of Science and Technology, School of Software, Tsinghua University, 2012-2013
  • Volunteers
    • Volunteer for Beijing Capital International Airport
    • Volunteer for China Science and Technology Museum
    • Volunteer for China Open
    • Sino-US Volunteer Teaching in Ledu, Qinghai
  • Honors, Awards & Fellowships
    • Museum of Science and Technology Development Award
    • First Prize for Solve For Tomorrow 2013, China
    • First Class Scholarship for Overall Excellence, Tsinghua University, 2010-2012
    • Excellent Student Leader, Tsinghua University, 2012

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