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Compile UHD and GNU Radio

It took me almost two days to compile GNU Radio. Here are the problems I met.

Rainy Night

Use Node.js to Watch Directories

fs.watch and fs.watchFile can be used to watch file changes. However, there are some problems with them. Thus, we can find a lot of wrappers of these functions. Here I recommend Chokidar written by Paul Miller.

The Journey to High-Speed Rail




ZigBee Basics

本文節譯自Shahin Farahani所作的ZigBee Wireless Networks and Transceivers(ISBN:978-0-7506-8393-7)第一章,原文版權歸作者所有。譯文版權歸本人所有。本譯文亦用作本人本科綜合論文訓練的文獻翻譯部分。